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2018 Photo Contest Winners

Full size images of the winning entries listed below can be seen in our photo gallery.


  • 1st Place (tie) - "Garden Kitty"
    Farm cat Frances enjoying the garden.
    Branch SZJO Susan Chlysta, Ravenna, OH
  • 1st Place (tie) - "Good Friends"
    Our dog Piper and cat Buster. Buster lets Piper use him as a pillow.
    Branch S-153 Kathy Donaldson, Sharon, PA
  • 2nd Place (tie) - "Just a Girl and Her Dog"
    At sunset watching the stillness at the docks (except for the loons). Stella is a duck hunter, so it was rare for her to have self-control.
    Branch S-035 Christina Diehl, Califon, NJ
  • 2nd Place (tie) - "Miracle of Life"
    While visiting Living Treasures with my mom and daughters, we were able to see a baby donkey and his mother just after birth and witness his first steps! It was a special moment for all of us.
    Branch S-177 Lena Knapp, Cranberry Twp., PA
  • 2nd Place (tie) - "Dashing Through the Snow"
    My horse, Willow, thought she would take a dash through the snow.
    Branch S-422 Megan D'Andrea
  • 3rd Place (tie) - "Seagull Playing in the Waves"
    A seagull playing in the waves at Seaside Heights, NJ.
    Branch S-172 Sarah Mastrull, Levittown, PA
  • 3rd Place (tie) - "Relaxing Day at the Beach"
    My wife and I went to the beach at Seaside Heights, NJ – just relaxing, and these seagulls decided to join us.
    Branch S-172 Dale Mastrull, Levittown, PA
  • Honorable Mention - "Static Cling"
    Giselle, my 4 pound yorkiepoo, laying around with static electricity.
    Branch S-066 Jenilee Spaniol
  • Honorable Mention - "Diamond in the Ruff"
    Cooling off after a long walk outside; just an extraordinary moment in an ordinary day.
    Branch S-424 Nadine Dubina, Canonsburg, PA


  • 1st Place (tie) - "Bridge to Nowhere"
    Railroad Bridge in the fog, Skagway, Alaska.
    Branch S-633 Ron Scribner, Omaha, NE
  • 1st Place (tie) - "Ketchikan Sunrise"
    Creek Street, Ketchikan, Alaska. Used to be a red light district, but is now a beautiful shopping area and the creek is full of salmon.
    Branch SZJO Monica Scribner, Omaha, NE
  • 1st Place (tie) - "Gothic Renaissance Architecture"
    Rector's Palace was built in the late 15th century for the elected Rector who governed Dubrovnik, Croatia.
    Branch S-161 Kurt Lesnansky, Youngstown, OH
  • 2nd Place (tie) - "Lighthouse Steps"
    This is the view from the top of the stairs in the Point Loma Lighthouse looking down.
    Branch S-114 Cheryl Deeks, Stow, OH
  • 2nd Place (tie) - "Bridge Before Sunset"
    On my first trip to San Francisco, CA, I was absolutely fascinated with all the bridges into / out of the city.
    Branch U-321 Carly Cheponis, Asbury, NJ
  • 3rd Place (tie) - "Suspension in Spring"
    Wheeling, WV, historic suspension Bridge over the Ohio River from the city of Wheeling to Wheeling Island.
    Branch S-218 Karen Litvak, Washington, PA
  • 3rd Place (tie) - "9th Wonder of the World"
    A life size Noah's Ark in Williamstown, Kentucky. It is 510 feet long, 85 feet wide and 51 feet high. The life-size Noah's Ark is the largest timber frame building in the world.
    Branch S-088 Thomas E. Oslick, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Honorable Mention - "Holy Family Church, Zakopane, Poland"
    The Altar of the Holy Family Church.
    Branch S-077 Margaret Nasta, McKeesport, PA
  • Honorable Mention - "Piazza San Pietro"
    View of the Piazza San Pietro taken from the top of St. Peter's Basilica, Rome, Italy.
    Branch S-141 Rose Marie Krulac, Solon, OH
  • Honorable Mention - "Redemption"
    Commissioned by King Louie IX of France to house his relics, including Christ's Crown of Thorns , it is on Ile de la Cite like Notre Dame and is considered one of the highest achievements of Gothic Architecture.
    Branch S-557 Megan Candow, Gates Mills, OH

Flowers / Leaves / Trees

  • 1st Place (tie) - "Majestic Rose"
    The spiraling center of the rose shows how there is constant hope for the future. I received the flower as a gift.
    Branch S-161 Abigail Swierz, London, OH
  • 1st Place (tie) - "Reflecting in Rocky River"
    The white birch trees stand out among the fall colors both in and out of the lagoon (The Lagoons, Rocky River Reservation).
    Branch S-525 Paula Dalpiaz, Novelty, OH
  • 2nd Place (tie) - "Mid-Summer Colors"
    Taken outside the main entrance of Lauritzen Gardens, Omaha, NE.
    Branch S-631 Linda Way, Fremont, NE
  • 2nd Place (tie) - "Beach Day"
    View from under a palm tree on the beach in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.
    Branch S-524 Emily Rebro, North Ridgeville, OH
  • 2nd Place (tie) - "Pollinator"
    My town is close to Chicago and has an urban farm with horses. Plenty of wildflowers were planted to attract bees.
    Branch S-287 Laura Gibson Kelly, Evergreen Park, IL
  • 3rd Place (tie) - "Night Time Flowers"
    Chinese Lantern Festival, Las Vegas, NV.
    Branch S-090 Marcel Szal, Las Cruces, NM
  • 3rd Place (tie) - "Bees and Sunflowers"
    I went to a sunflower path at Jellies Farm and could not help but take photos!
    Branch S-023 Cassandra Muffler, Oconomowoc, WI
  • 3rd Place (tie) - "Summer Berry Pie"
    We saw and picked these delicious berries at a farm with friends. They were great in a pie!
    Branch SZJO Teresa Brinkley, North Richland Hills, TX
  • Honorable Mention - "Our Slovak Christmas Tree"
    Decorating our Christmas tree with Slovak ornaments and signing Slovak Christmas Carols.
    Branch S-172 Martha Iskra, Wilkes-Barre, PA

Lakes / Mountains / Waterfalls

  • 1st Place (tie) - "Mountainside Cabin"
    Switzerland, en route to the top of the mountain. Just an idyllic view.
    Branch S-007 Judy Taylor, Bellbrook, OH
  • 1st Place (tie) - "Serenity"
    Perfect sunrise on Lake Courage at Heritage Reservation Boy Scout camp in Farmington, PA
    Branch S-001 Irene Spisak, Pittsburgh, PA
  • 2nd Place (tie) - "Shoshone Falls"
    Twin Falls, Idaho. Shoshone Falls, Niagara of the West, 50 feet higher than Niagara Falls tumbles 212 feet to the canyon floor.
    Branch S-319 Mary Jo Zima, Downington, PA
  • 2nd Place (tie) - "Flying over Mackinac Bridge"
    A view from out B & B of the Mackinac Bridge with some para-sailors, Mackinac Island.
    Branch S-409 Larry Devore, Hammond, IN
  • 3rd Place (tie) - "Morning in Saugatuck"
    Early in the morning overlooking the Saugatuck Harbor in Saugatuck, MI.
    Branch S-409 Frances Kovacik, Crown Point, IN
  • 3rd Place (tie) - "Blue Ice"
    Mackinaw City, MI. Blue Ice doesn't appear every year. Last time was 2011. Ice only appears blue when it is sufficiently consolidated so that air bubbles do not interfere with the passage of light.
    Branch W-500 Marie Knieper, New Lothrop, MI
  • 3rd Place (tie) - "19th Century Rustic Cottage"
    Still standing in the Great Smokey Mountains.
    Branch W-008 Debra Prantl, Colorado Springs, CO
  • Honorable Mention - "Rocky Mountain High"
    After a day of rain, the storm cleared in the evening and provided spectacular views of the mountains at sunset with the clouds below us 12,000ft!
    Branch S-524 Amy Dreger, Avon, OH
  • Honorable Mention - "A Natural in the Water"
    Stella, an English Setter, loves the water and watching for the loons.
    Branch S-035 Peter Walters, Branchburg, NJ

Miscellaneous Nature

  • 1st Place (tie) - "Serenity"
    Early morning -20°F at a natural springs along the Missouri River in Great Falls, Montana.
    Branch W-001 Kenneth Siskoff, Great Falls, MT
  • 1st Place (tie) - "Forever in Your Arms"
    Beautiful stone statue that welcomes you into Clarkson National Cemetery.
    Branch S-627 Geraldine Wemhoff, Creston, NE
  • 1st Place (tie) - "Every day is BEEautiful"
    A bumble bee pollinating some flowers in our backyard.
    Branch S-023 Teresa Rentmeester, Waukesha, WI
  • 2nd Place (tie) - "Dragon's Breath"
    Yellowstone National Park at the Mud Volcano; sulfur smell everywhere. The title should be "Smelly Dragon's Breath."
    Branch S-180 Cheryl Clements, Belmont, MI
  • 2nd Place (tie)- "Resting on the Dill"
    I went to pick some dill in my garden and spotted this beautiful critter. Good thing I had my cell phone handy before it crawled away and hid.
    Branch S-030 Denise Malagisi, Struthers, OH
  • 3rd Place (tie) - "A Natural Frame"
    Cascade Head Trail, Otis, Oregon. The pacific is framed by the trees uphill.
    Branch S-452 Scott Zimny, Highland, IN
  • 3rd Place (tie) - "Sheetscot Pond at Noon"
    Sheepscot, Maine. Waiting to take the canoe out for a tour of the pond.
    Branch S-035 Erich Diehl, Califon, NJ
  • 3rd Place (tie) - "Snowy Florida"
    Snowy Egrets relaxing in a marshy area at the J.N. Darling National Wildlife Refuge, Sanibel, FL.
    Branch S-114 Brenda Higgins, Tampa, FL
  • Honorable Mention - "Reflection of Light"
    Reflection of crystal fixture.
    Branch S-522 Viera Fricky, Richmond Hts., OH
  • Honorable Mention - "Evening Embers"
    Sitting around the backyard fire pit as the logs slowly burned out.
    Branch S-344 Rick Maro, Youngstown, OH
  • Honorable Mention - "Black Sand Basin Erupts"
    Cliff Geyser in the Black Sand Basin in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming erupting. What a sight! Dark clouds of a snowstorm on the horizon.
    Branch S-287 Rosa Knizner, Alton, IL

Skies / Sunsets / Tropical

  • 1st Place (tie) - "Paradise"
    Paradise found on a 2 day last minute get away to Key Largo, FL.
    Branch S-524 Patty Freaney, Avon, OH
  • 1st Place (tie) - "Fractured Sky"
    This is a 10 second exposure of a thunderstorm lightning bolt from the 7th floor overlooking the bay, Ft. Meyers, FL.
    Branch S-081 Stephen Zabrecky, Fort Wayne, IN
  • 2nd Place (tie) - "Sunset in the Maasai Mara"
    Beautiful African sunset on safari in Kenya.
    Branch S-590 Judith Figura, Pittsburgh, PA
  • 2nd Place (tie) - "Sunrise in Alger, MI"
    Summer vacation in Michigan. Woke up early and look at what I see!
    Branch S-409 Michael Devore, St. Augustine, FL
  • 2nd Place (tie) - "Molokai at Dinner"
    Sunset over the fishing ponds of Molokai. This was my view every night at dinner.
    Branch S-191 Sandra Klucar, Akron, OH
  • 3rd Place (tie) - "Fading Winter"
    Taken during spring break in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Sunset after some blizzard-like conditions where no one could see anything.
    Branch S-180 Noah Clements Belmont, MI
  • 3rd Place (tie) - "A Little Bit of Galapagos Paradise"
    View outside our hotel room, San Cristobal Island.
    Branch S-424 Deb Dubina, Canonsburg, PA
  • Honorable Mention - "Fire in the Sky"
    The entire sky was lit up at dusk just as the sun set in Orange Park, FL in winter. It lasted only several minutes.
    Branch S-081 Daniel Senko, Orange Park, FL
  • Honorable Mention - "God's Wonders"
    This photo was taken from my driveway in Wichita, Kansas, the same night Eureka, Kansas, was stuck by a tornado (6.27.18).
    Branch W-133 Rosemarie Vogel, Wichita, KS

Overall Best Photo

  • "The Peace Maker" - My son, Bill, is a local police officer. This is the motorcycle he rides for the township.
    Branch S-088 Linda Oslik, Pittsburgh, PA

See photos of the winning entries.


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