Anna Hurban Chicago District Celebrates the Holidays

Once again, the Chicago District invited members to celebrate the holidays together virtually by sharing their favorite holiday memory or photos through Facebook. Due to the pandemic, in person events were again canceled, and this new method of sharing allowed members to continue to celebrate together with their fraternal family.

Submissions started in October with a sharing of Halloween costumes by members. Submissions were posted on the Chicago District Facebook page and included a variety of photos and costumes from members of all ages.

November and December brought favorite holiday photos, written memories, family recipes, and original creations and Christmas pictures colored by our Junior and Senior members. Close to 100 creations were sent through email or paper mail to be shared with the group. Daily Facebook posts were made beginning in October through early January, and members enjoyed checking the Facebook site to see the new additions.

Each individual who submitted was eligible to be entered into a contest. Two contest drawings, one for Halloween, and the other for Christmas, were held. A total of 15 random winners were drawn, 5 after the Halloween postings, and 10 for the Christmas postings. Each received a $50 Amazon gift card as their prize.

This virtual way of celebrating the holidays for the Chicago District was a great way to stay connected and honor some of our traditions in an exciting new way. Many thanks to all who shared their favorite memories with us, and to the District and branches S046, S225, S248, S258,S287, S421, S485, and J382 for funding the contest prizes.

To see all of the submissions and their captions, and to see the winners,  visit the FCSLA Chicago page on Facebook, or search for “FCSLA Chicago Facebook” on Google.

Halloween Facebook Contest Photos

Christmas Facebook Contest Photos