Learn Slovak This Summer!

Applications Are Open for Summer 2022!

The University of Pittsburgh’s Summer Language Institute provides an intensive language learning experience: two semesters’ worth of beginning, intermediate, advanced, or 4th-year Slovak in just one summer session of six weeks.

Students of Slovak at SLI engage in a robust program of cultural enrichment centering around food, music, art, history, and film.

  • On campus in Pittsburgh or synchronously ONLINE!
  • Scholarships available
  • Non-degree-seeking learners welcome

Program Dates: June 6 – July 15

Learn more or apply now at www.sli.pitt.edu!

Casimir Pulaski Day – Monday, March 7, 2022

The Polish Museum of America (PMA) and the Polish Roman Catholic Union of America (PRCUA) are hosting a virtual program in observance of Casimir Pulaski Day. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on many cultural institutions and non-profits, it is important for the Polish American community that this yearly tradition continues.

The 2022 Pulaski Day celebration will be streamed online via the PMA website, the PMA Facebook page, and the PMA YouTube channel. The program will begin promptly on Monday, March 7th at 10:00 am and feature a mix of live speakers alongside prerecorded messages and featurettes.

Pray for Ukraine

We at First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association join with Pope Francis and Caritas in Veritate on this Ash Wednesday to pray for world peace during this crisis in Ukraine, for the people of Ukraine and Russia and for all refugees,  The Pope is asking all of us to do special fasting and prayer, especially on Ash Wednesday and every Wednesday during Lent.

Holy Mother of God, please intercede to your Son, Jesus during this time.

Cynthia Maleski
National President FCSLA Life

Dear Cynthia,

OPEN LETTER: The “Ukraine – Russia Conflict”


AN APPEAL FOR JUSTICE AND PEACE. Is 1:17, Micah 6:8, Lk 18: 1- 8 A CALL FOR PRAYER AND FASTING, every Wednesday of Lent 2022

“Caritas in Veritate CiV Global Confederation”:

– mourns the loss of thousands of innocent men and women who lost their lives, both Ukrainian and Russians, in the “Ukraine conflict”,

– acknowledges the pain of those who lost family members, friends, personal belongings, their securities and their freedom,

– is saddened by the hundreds of thousands who, in order to avoid a deadly conflict, had to flee their hometown and became “internally displaced” in Ukraine or refugees in neighboring countries,

– deplores in the strongest possible way military offensive aggression of a geopolitical entity in territory owned by another entity or in independent country,

– supports a. the International Law and International Treaties and Agreements in force which define and defend boundaries between Independent Sovereign States and protect the autonomy of these entities,
b. the dialogue about the “security concerns” of Russia,
c. the Sovereignty of Ukraine,
d. “new policy initiatives” in the region of conflict that are fair and just to all parties, which could
possibly be supported by Ukraine, Russia, the European Union, NATO and the International Community, and which would guarantee Peace to all people.


– To the Governments of Russia and Ukraine for an immediate “cease-fire” and to engage in a constructive dialogue to solve the crises that are threatening the wellbeing of millions of innocent citizens and world peace; a dialogue that would lead to a long lasting security for Russia and Ukraine, for Europe and for the rest of the world. An appeal to these Governments to suspend active hostilities and to de-escalate this potential deadly conflict and to guarantee “unhindered access” of humanitarian aid wherever is needed.

– To the Governments of the Free World to act timely in multifaceted diplomacy, within the boundaries of International Law, to secure and defend world democracies and uphold human rights, and to act decisively to support efforts that would lead to justice and secure international peace.

– To the Universal and Local Church to lead the People of God with courage, wisdom and clarity, and to call for prayers in support of Justice and Peace, lest silence might be misinterpreted and God’s people be confused and disheartened.

– To All People of Good Faith to join Pope Francis in “Prayer and Fasting”, this
coming Ash Wednesday, and to extend the “Prayer and Fasting” to every Wednesday of Lent, till Easter 2022, for God’s Mercy and for Justice and Peace in the “Ukraine – Russia” conflict.
In the name of Jesus Christ, our Redeemer, we declare in faith that Love and Peace will Prevail.

Henry Cappello
Caritas in Veritate CiV Global
President and CEO

Anna Hurban Chicago District Celebrates the Holidays

The Chicago District invited members to celebrate the holidays by sharing their favorite holiday memory with the group. Due to the pandemic, the annual in-person Christmas parties for both the Senior and Junior Branch members were cancelled, and this new sharing allowed members to continue to celebrate with their fraternal family.

Submissions were posted on the Chicago District Facebook page, and included photos, written memories, original creations, and Christmas pictures colored by our Junior and Senior members. Close to 100 creations were sent through either email or paper mail to be shared with the group. Daily Facebook posts were made beginning in November, with multiple posts in a day in the last two weeks leading up to Christmas. Members enjoyed checking the Facebook site to see the new additions.

Each individual who submitted was eligible to be entered into a contest. Twelve random winners were drawn on Christmas Eve, and each received a $50 Amazon gift card as their prize.

This new way of celebrating the holidays for the Chicago District was a great way to stay connected and honor some of our traditions in a new exciting way.

Anna Hurban Chicago District goes virtual!!

The Chicago District went virtual in 2020 by instituting a series of virtual sales and business meetings and activities. With the majority of in person events and meetings cancelled due to the pandemic, we needed to look for new alternatives to connect with members.

The first virtual sales meeting was held in mid-June, with Midwest Regional Sales Manager Jim Morsovillo. Jim shared information on the impact of the new Single Premium Whole Life Plus product on wealth transfer.

This successful first session was well received and was followed in September by an additional sales presentation.

Following Jim’s presentation, the first ever Chicago District virtual business meeting was conducted. Branch Officers were invited to join the meeting by logging into the “Go to Meeting” app which allowed them to join by video or just by voice. Participants without computers or smartphones could also join the meeting by calling in toll free on their regular phone.

The final District business meeting of the year was held in mid-November. After the business meeting, participants were invited to play virtual Bingo with the District. Branch Presidents were mailed paper Bingo cards when they were sent the regular business meeting materials, and could then further invite their Officers and members to join online. Bingo participants had a fun time listening for their numbers to be called and sharing a new version of the Bingo experience. Winners had their choice of either a Jewel or Amazon gift card for each game won. Eleven regular games of Bingo were played, and the session ended with a coverall Bingo game enjoyed by all.

While all participants miss the face to face gatherings, they all agreed that this new virtual format was a success, and a great way to conduct District business, and stay connected to their fraternal family.

Lenten Journey 2020: The Passion of Christ

On Sunday March 1, 2020, members from the Anna Hurban Chicago District were blessed to attend the Passion of the Christ at Sacred Heart Parish in Palos Hills, Il. The Passion of the Christ is a live musical presentation performed by Wierczernik, a Polish non-profit theatrical organization led by Ms. Cecylia Jablinska.

This is the third year for members of the Chicago District attending this moving Lenten event which showed us the painful remembrance of Christ’s Way of the Cross.

Chicago District Honors Chicago Area 2019 Convention Donations Awardees

The Chicago District and Branch Officers have been busy contacting the Chicago District Area 2019 Convention Donation Awardees to present the donation awards in support of their ministries along with our gratitude for the work they do in our communities.

The first notification was to St. Simon the Apostle Slovak Parish, the last of the Slovak Parishes in the Archdiocese of Chicago, with the announcement of their award on Saturday, October 26, 2019, at their Feast of St. Simon Gala Dinner and again on Sunday, December 15, 2019, at the traditional Slovak Vilia Dinner. Fr. Thomas Boharic, Pastor of this 93-year-old parish, and the parishioners, are deeply humbled and gratified to learn that the parish would be receiving an award towards the repair/replacement of their 93-year-old boilers. Ďakujem, First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association for their continued generosity over the years and to the various Chicago Branches—in particular Senior Branches 421 and 485 from St. Simon Slovak Parish—for their continued support since the parish opened its doors in 1926.

The District’s next stop was to announce personally on December 4, 2019, to the Chicago Police Chaplains Ministry their award that enables the Ministry to continue serving the active and retired men and women of the Chicago Police Department and their families. The Police Chaplains Ministry’s motto is “Socius corpus custodit … Animam custodimus … Your partner has your back, but we’ve got your soul.” This award announcement was delivered at their annual Holiday for the Gold Star Families to Fr. Dan Brandt, Director, Chaplain Rabbi Moshe Wolf, Chaplain Hysni Selenica, and those in attendance who are all humbly grateful for the support provided by the First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association at both the National and Branch Levels throughout the years to this very important ministry.

Finally, on Saturday, December 7, 2019, at the Chicago District and Combined Senior Branch Christmas Party, the remaining awardees received recognition for their awards and work in their communities. Fr. John J. Hornicak, pastor of Church of the Holy Ghost in Wood Dale, Illinois, received a donation award to his parish to assist with the parish’s HVAC system replacement. This parish began in 1944 with 150 families, joining the newly established Diocese of Joliet in 1948, and continues to grow and prosper as it serves the communities around O’Hare Airport. Fr. Hornicak and his parishioners are very grateful for the generosity of the First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association.

Sr. Loretta Matas, DSF, and Sr. Miroslava Gelatikova, DSF, represented the St. Joseph Nursing Home in Lacon, Illinois, who received a donation award to replace the nursing home’s 40 year old boiler. The nursing home opened its doors in 1965 when the Sisters of the Daughters of St. Francis of Assisi travelled from Slovakia to Lacon, Illinois, to begin their ministry with a commitment to providing for the physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs of persons requiring assistance in a loving, caring, dignified Christian environment. Over the years, the various Slovak parishes and Slovak Community in Chicago have continuously supported the nursing home at both the National and Branch Levels. The Sisters and residents of the nursing home are humbled and deeply appreciative of this continued support and continue to keep all of the members of the First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association in their prayers.

The Anawim Shelter for the Poor, founded by the late Teresa Mirabella, also received a donation from the 2019 Convention with representation of the Shelter by Antoinette L. Trela, President, and John W. Schoen, Secretary/Treasurer.  Ms. Mirabella served as the President for over 20 years of the Anawim Foundation in Chicago running a shelter for homeless men in the Polish community, and 4-1/2 years ago began the Anawim Shelter for Homeless Women Project with the support of donations from individuals and numerous charitable and philanthropic organizations. These shelters assist men and women who have actively participated in a substance-abuse program or have successfully completed such a program by providing a safe place to stay while getting back on their feet with the expectation that everyone living there is expected to give back in some way for the help they receive. The Anawim Foundation is deeply grateful and honored to receive this award in order to continue their important ministry in the community. Dziękuję Ci, First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association!

Congratulations to these organizations on their awards as we continue to pray and support you in your work and ministries.

Chicago District Senior Branches Hold Annual Christmas Luncheon

The First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association, District Anna Hurban of Chicago, hosted its seventeenth annual combined Senior Branch Christmas Party at the Orland Chateau in Orland Park, Illinois on Saturday, December 7, 2019, with a total of 318 senior branch members and guests in attendancealong with National Directors Joann Skvarek Banvich and Jeanette Palanca, members of the recently merged Polish Women’s Alliance, members of the Joliet-Indiana District, and representatives from the Chicago organizations that had received donations from the 2019 Quadrennial Convention: Fr. Dan Brandt of the Chicago Police Chaplains Ministry, Fr. John Hornicak of Holy Ghost Parish in Wood Dale, Illinois, Sr. Loretta Matas, DSF, President of the Governing Board of St. Joseph Nursing Home in Lacon, Illinois and Antoinette Trela, Acting President/Secretary of the Anawim Shelter for Men and Women.

District members and their guests enjoyed many great conversations while catching up on the year’s events before and during the luncheon. The Branch members and their guests feasted on a flavorful family style meal, which included the traditional Slovak roasted pork, smoked Polish sausage with sauerkraut, oven baked chicken with dressing, green beans, beef barley soup, and pastries. Everything was deliciously prepared and scrumptious!

District President, Lorraine Gibas, opened the luncheon with a few opening remarks acknowledging the honored guests, the branch officers and committees who assisted in putting together the luncheon and recapped many of the District’s past and upcoming events.  Most importantly, she thanked the members who were in attendance for their continued support of their branch and District events as well as for attending the event, for without them, the annual Chicago District Combined Senior Branches Christmas party would not continue to be a success.

The District then sponsored its annual raffle of over 100 prizes of all kinds and gift cards to various entities in denominations of $15, $20 and $25 donated by individuals, the District and Chicago Branches as well as Split the Pot. With a surprise visit from Santa, the District Junior Members who were in attendance acted as prize runners to help distribute the gifts to the raffle winners who shouted “Kapusta, Koláčiky, Bingo” or another favorite Slovak word upon hearing their winning number. For the second year in a row, the District solicited from its members and guests in attendance gift cards in any amount to purchase children’s gifts, immediate needs of hygiene products for women, children and infants and nonperishable and holiday meal fixings for the South Suburban Family Shelter (SSFS) that offers services for victims of domestic violence .  Through the generous donations of our members and guests, SSFS received over two car loads of non-perishable food items for their shelter to help with holiday meals for their families. In addition, cash donations totaling over $1000 were also raised for SSFS from a District Matching Funds Split the Pot raffle which was held at the party.  This wonderful annual event, started by Marge Krugley (S180), has been a favorite now for the entire District and the surrounding Chicago area.

District President, Lorraine Gibas remarked that, “Every year our members and their guests have a wonderful time renewing old friendships and making new ones.  It is a great opportunity for the District to showcase our wonderful FCSLA products and upcoming District events!  Truly the room was electrified with folks meeting and greeting one another, renewing old friendships and acquaintances and forging new ones.”

A special thank you goes out to the Senior Branch Christmas Party Committee: Lorraine Gibas – Event Chair, Jorie Killen and Sherry Ebeneau — Raffle Prize Coordinators, Jarmila Hlubocky – RSVP, Raffle Prize Distribution, and Centerpiece Coordinator, Dr. Fay Hlubocky – Centerpiece Coordinator, Gary Ledvora — Santa and Raffle Ticket Sales Coordinator, Barbara Schultz – Invitation, Menu/Venue Coordinator,  Rich and Irene Zittman — Seating Plan and Door Greeter Coordinators, Jeanette Palanca –  Convention  Donation Recognition Coordinator and Event Photographer, Jessilyn Gibas – Matching Funds Raffle Coordinator and Event Photographer,  Jan and Cal Mager — Oplatky Sales Coordinator, and Mary Therese Tylus — Event Photographer.  And last, but not least, a huge thank you to the entire District Board and Branch Officers and all their elves for working so hard in making it such another memorable event for our members and their guests.

So mark your calendar for next year’s party on Saturday, December 5, 2020 – same time, same place!